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Beware of "Bait and Switch" tactics

You can always find a cheaper price point that will get you hooked in, but then you find out that these cheap so-called hosting plans like GoDaddy's don't work and end up costing you way more money than you ever expected to spend.

They put you on the starter package to get you sucked in because they know you will buy domain names and SSL certificates from them. But more importantly, they just don't work. So these cheap competitors know you will wind up upgrading because you will have to.

Many of our new clients come to us from GoDaddy and other similar companies because most developers are refusing to work with such companies. We build solutions from the beginning that are right for you and that will last, saving you downtime, headaches and additional migration and development costs.

Shared VPS solutions:

A shared VPS solution is a glorified term for being on a server with potentially thousands of other websites. No two websites are the same – some use more RAM than others and some use more Processor speed while others user a lot of drive space. Therefore, because each site works differently, they all fight for resources and run extremely slowly. Having your site thrown onto a huge machine with thousands of other websites is a performance nightmare and security nightmare waiting to happen.

Here is an overview of how we compare with GoDaddy's base hosting package:

Category GoDaddy - VPS Syntropy Description
Ability to handle CMS Software Based sites vs. Basic HTML site only

In the old days of the Internet most sites were basic 5-page HTML sites with a few links. Now, most sites use full blown "Content Management System" (CMS) software such as WordPress and Joomla. The base CMS starts at 10,000 pages of code plus database, 3rd party extensions, plugins and modules which can be complex and also require far more resources and computing power than in the past.

If you want GoDaddy to host your CMS site, you will have to upgrade to a more expensive package.

Backups Daily Daily, Weekly & Montly (up to 6 months)

Beware of hidden charges. GoDaddy charges for extra backups. We do daily, weekly and monthly as well as differential backups at no additional charge. That is 7 daily backups, 4 weekly and 1 monthly up to 6 months. Therefore that is 17 copies of your site and database multiplied by whatever amount GoDaddy would charge per backup.

Code and Database Split

Processor speed handles code one way and database calls another. Because of this, Syntropy actually splits the code and databases apart and puts them on different servers. This makes your site much faster but it is also more secure because the database does not have a public IP.

Brand new SSD Drives with RAID-10

We only use brand new SSD Drives with RAID-10 that are 5 times faster than the Standard drives that GoDaddy provides while providing double the processor speed and a dedicated CDN bandwidth.

Staff Engineers (More than 10 years experience) Doubtful

All of our engineers on staff have more than ten years experience each. Our senior professionals have more than 20 years in the business. This is what truly sets Syntropy apart – everything you do with us comes directly with this very high level of expertise behind it. Also, we are available to build high-end solutions as your requirements evolve.

Free site migration

If you choose GoDaddy, you will have to pay for a developer to set up the account, configure it, migrate your data and configure your DNS. This takes 1 - 4 hours depending on what you need... We do this at no charge for your developer's clients.

Shared resources 10,000 + Domains per machine 5 Domains per machine

We believe in building it right the first time as well as putting you on a solution that we know will work for you right away, instead of the "bait and switch" that only forces you to upgrade later. We host a maximum of only 5 domains on a VPS solution as compared to the 10,000 per server with GoDaddy.


When one site gets hacked into, there is a high probability that many others on the same server will also get hacked into. One of our clients, a development compant, had 55 sites get hacked into in just one month. The hackers stole data and posted porn on their home pages. This completely shut down this client's business for 30 days while they attemtped to resolve all of the issues, and all of their clients were off line and angry and /or embarrassed. Since then, we have taken over all of this client's hosting and are in the process of migrating hundreds of customers to our platform.

We have NEVER had a single server hacked into... EVER! This is because we put more than 30 different security measures in place per account.

Development Environment:

Many development companies will no longer work with you if you use a company/ solution like GoDaddy's unless you pay for your own dedicated server. This is because being on a shared host such as GoDaddy is crippling for development. Developers will not give you SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) and will only give you FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is extremely slow and limiting.

With companies like GoDaddy, it is also extremely difficult or impossible to change or manage your permissions. Moreover, it is impossible to install specific linux packages that are necessary for the typical site. They don't let you do these types of installations because they are a shared solution and it would affect all of the other sites on that server.

The solution with GoDaddy comes with complicated interfaces (CPanel and Plesk) which add a huge layer of complexity to the user experience. It also takes you 4, 5 or 6 clicks just to get to something that could be done with one command. This becomes extremely time-consuming and winds up costing you a lot of money in development dollars in the long run.

We specifically set up each of the servers used by our clients and configure them for the way they develop. We install a full set of development tools that will, for example, allow them to roll back changes one day, one week or even a month. The framework is set up to match their work flow in a way that will save you a significant amount of development hours over time.

Extra mile:

We go the extra mile for our customers. We actually build a development environment for each domain to allow the site to be developed offline. Once the changes are approved the changes are pushed live. This allows development to happen without affecting the live site. So in a sense it is like having double the hosting solutions. We normally set it up like this: <-- Development environment <-- Live

The development area is password-protected to prevent anyone from viewing it or the search engines from crawling it. We also pre-install a number of software packages and version tracking that allows the developer to track changes and roll back to prior states.

Dedicated Machines:

We believe every business should have its own private cloud instance, IP and resources. This better isolates and protects against potential performance and security issues.

In addition, we use only brand new SSD Drives with RAID-10 that are 5 times faster than the Standard drives that GoDaddy provides, and also give you double the processor speed and a dedicated CDN bandwidth.

Feature for feature, our solution is lower in price or comparable in price to the competition while providing much more value and quality. Please check out some of our scalable dedicated server solutions.


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