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Have you ever dreamed of having your own private encrypted cloud sync to your local computer

Can you imagine having your cloud files not only sync'd to your computer but using your native operating system? By native we mean the same exact look and feel as your desktop and folder structure. The same drag and drop usability that your operating system's GUI provides.

It works so easy we promise you, you will eventually forget you are actually working on your cloud and not your local computer's hard drive!

Here is a quick visual example:

Our software development team at has made this dream a reality by building a custom cloud filesharing and management software solution called CryptOffice©

CryptOffice© Overview

Every day a growing number of companies, from the smallest to the largest, are moving into the realm of "anytime, anywhere" business. This requires access to data and important files from virtually any point and via any device. At the same time, companies are experiencing a vastly increased need for cyber security, as hacking, data theft and other types of cyber-crime and loss are on the increase. Additionally, many companies want to keep data offsite and securely locked away from potential risk or loss from weather-related incidents.

CryptOffice meets all these needs, offering a flexible approach to storing, saving and accessing critical data, while never needing to worry about loss.

CryptOffice is the first solution of its kind; a flexible, feature-rich private data storage and data-sharing service that is easy-to-use while offering iron-clad, end-to-end encryption.

Customers have the flexibility of using the CryptOffice secure cloud or they can use their own cloud or even a mixed solution. CryptOffice allows the user to access, customize, set and change a full range of easy-to-use features, including the ability to share documents directly person-to-person using secure, peer-to-peer protocol.

"Choose your Cloud" Flexibility

CryptOffice gives the user the advantage of flexibility and choice - using the CryptOffice cloud, or on their own cloud or the server of their choice.


For those who prefer not to have their data stored offsite or on a 3rd party server, CryptOffice allows them the flexibility and convenience of using its peer-to-peer protocol without any server at all.

File Encryption

CryptOffice customers can choose to secure their sensitive corporate data with 1024-bit encryption. This solution is ideal for medical companies, financial institutions, attorneys, engineering firms and anyone concerned about securing critical, confidential data.

Encryption In Transit

With CryptOffice, all files are transferred in total security from end-to-end, thanks to the company's secure SSL connection that creates a closed, protected tunnel for data transfers.

Access Levels and Permissions

CryptOffice is easily scalable, which means the customer can quickly add or take away users one at a time or add users in bulk. Customers can create unlimited groups and assign user privileges and access levels for each group. For example, a business owner can easily assign access to all of their data to select employees such as a personal assistant, allowing the owner to walk away and be hands off, or to work remotely. A customer can lock down specific areas of their business and make them accessible only by certain departments, for example sales and marketing or the accounting department. A doctor can give his/her patients access to their private medical records via a secure link.

CryptOffice enables all this and more. Customers choose the level of security and access that fits their specific needs.

Automatic Secure Back-up Solution

CryptOffice gives customers the peace of mind of knowing that when they are on the CryptOffice cloud, all backups, security and other measures are taken care of for them. They can access their files from anywhere and never have to worry about losing critical data again.

Version Tracking

Built into CryptOffice is "Crypt Version Tracking™". This feature tracks each and every file by version and who updated which version and when. All the information is trackable within an easy-to-use tracking log. This eliminates the confusion of having many different files and versions with multiple users.

File Shredder: "Delete Forever" Solution

Even after a file is deleted, it still remains on the computer and can be restored and read. CryptOffice has a 'Delete Forever' option via which a digital file shredder destroys the file forever. Our military grade and industrial strength algorhythms destroy the data down to the resource fork and bit level and then scramble the data randomly across the drive, making it impossible to recover.

File "Save forever" Solution

Often users will accidently delete files on a drive or server and then later wish they had not. Whether malicious or accidental, this can be devastating for a business. Imagine losing critical accounting or client files in this way. The current going rate for a company to recover data is around $1,000 / GB. With the CryptOffice, "File Save Forever" solution, in the settings users can choose the option of having any file that was deleted swept over to a secondary server to “save forever”. If a file is deleted, the user will receive an email notifying them of the file/ files in question and ask them to confirm the action. If confirmed, the files will be deleted forever or quickly restore the file in seconds to the user’s account.

Why does your business need Crypt Office?

Although anyone who is serious about their data can use CryptOffice, it is an ideal solution for any business that wants to have the peace of mind of having their data off-site, encrypted and secure, as well as backed up, making their data management hands-off and worry-free.

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CryptOffice vs Dropbox

How Do We Compare?

Here is an overview of how CryptOffice compares to DropBox:


Category DropBox CryptOffice Comments
Centralized Server Your data offsite
Your own server You maintain your own server
No server needed at all (Peer-to-Peer) Only CryptOffice has this capability
Public Cloud External public cloud service
Private Cloud Your own private cloud

Privacy & Security

Category DropBox CryptOffice Comments
Encryption 256-bit 256, 512 or 1024 Your choice of encryption for serious security.
Delete forever digital shredder Only CryptOffice has this capability
Save forever Only CryptOffice has this capability
Version Tracking Limited CryptOffice has intense version control.


Category DropBox CryptOffice Comments
Current data Only most recent information
Backups to 6 months Daily, weekly, monthly differential

Ease of Use

Category DropBox CryptOffice Comments
Drag & drop multiple files DropBox: Each file has to be uploaded, one at a time!
Save forever DropBox: Not possible to drag and drop an entire folder
Sync files Option to sync remote files locally
Free up computers of files With Cloud Sync, you don't have to have any files on your computer if you choose

Cost Basis per User With DropBox

Plan Users Monthly Yearly Comments
Free Plan 1 Free Free Free personal account
Pro 1 $9 /mo. $108 /yr. $99 / year for standard personal account
Business Starter 5 $75 /mo. $795 /yr Business account: $15 per user with 5 user minimum | $795/ yr.
Business 10 users 10 $118 /mo. $1,420 /yr $795 base package for up to 5 users. $125 / user / year for additional users.
Business 20 users 20 $133.50 /mo. $2,670 /yr $795 base package for up to 5 users. $125 / user / year for additional users.
Business 30 users 30 $326.66 /mo. $3,920 /yr $795 base package for up to 5 users. $125 / user / year for additional users.
Business 50 users 50 $535.00 /mo. $6,420 /yr $795 base package for up to 5 users. $125 / user / year for additional users.
Business 100 users 100 $1,055.83 /mo. $12,670 /yr $795 base package for up to 5 users. $125 / user / year for additional users.
Business 500 users 500 $5,222.50 /mo. $62,670 /yr $795 base package for up to 5 users. $125 / user / year for additional users.

Cost Basis per User With CryptOffice

Plan Monthly Yearly Comments
Unlimited $99 /mo. $1,188 /yr. Unlimited
Unlimited $250 /mo. $3,000 /yr. Unlimited
Unlimited $350 /mo. $4,200 /yr. Unlimited
Unlimited $450 /mo. $5,400 /yr. Unlimited

If you have fewer than 10 users we recommend Syntropy Cloud Sync which offers many benefits that the competition does not provide.

Syntropy Cloud

The advanced SEO-optimized hosting solution

On your own private encrypted cloud

Watch your search engine results reach new heights!

SEO is of critical importance to any business and it's an area that is constantly changing. How can you be sure your site is keeping up? Your hosting solution may be holding you back.

We can help. Our dedicated server hosting solutions work for you behind the scenes to optimize your position in search engine results.

We have seen clients boost their SEO ratings by 50% - 90% when they switched to hosting with us.

How do we do it?

We track the latest requirements of top search engines and offer solutions that meet them.

  • Moving to a dedicated server on your own private encrypted cloud makes your site considerably faster, and search engines favor faster sites. Page load times are critical to SEO results
  • Your dedicated server hosting plan includes your own private IP address. This is also known to significantly boost ratings.
  • Next we help you optimize your site by using advanced caching and compression technologies, as well as minification, which is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality. The result: A streamlined site and even more speed!

BONUS! When you sign up with us, we also provide a free one-hour consultation to give you our insider tips on how to optimize your website for SEO results.

SEO Optimized Hosting

How does it work?

Every time you think you’ve figured out the latest Google algorithms and search criteria, something changes and it sends you or your SEO experts scrambling to find new ways to comply.

The fact is, most companies don’t realize the important role played by their hosting solution. Many are spending large sums of money on SEO and online visibility when they should stop and consider their hosting partner and what they are getting for that investment.

Too many people today think hosting is either cheap or nearly free, but like so many things, you get what you pay for and there is a huge difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting on a private cloud. Think of it like the difference between taking a public bus to your destination versus jumping in your own private limo.

If you are hosting your site on a shared server, you are subject to issues from several key areas that the search engines are watching, notably speed and uptime. These same issues are of great importance to your customers, so they deserve your full attention!

Maybe your site on the shared server is working fine but another site breaks down or is hacked into. Suddenly resources are diverted to that site and your site slows down to a crawl. You lose all the gains you have made in SEO!

On a shared server, you are using the same RAM chip, the same Processor and the same IP address as all the other sites on that server.

Problems can snowball through no fault of yours.

And what about uptime and security?

Let’s look at each of these issues individually.


Speed is critical, not only to the search engines, but also to the user experience of visitors on your site. You want to make sure your visitors are spending time on your important content and not waiting for your page and scripts to load.

Statistics prove that visitors have limited time and attention and they will not tolerate more than a 4-second load time. If your site does not deliver quickly, your users will leave, never to return.

Google and the other search engines measure the length of time it takes for a page on your site to load. Being on a dedicated server on a secure cloud of you own causes your server response to skyrocket and your page load speeds to improve dramatically. We have seen increases in search engine ranking that improve by 50 - 90% from the move to one of our dedicated servers.


This factor should never be overlooked, as even a small amount of downtime can make a site lose all the progress it has gained through months of SEO work. This becomes a high-risk possibility on a shared server. Our dedicated private servers offer 99.9% network uptime.


Our private encrypted cloud solutions are built with iron-clad security at levels that can not be matched by shared hosting solutions.

The addition of SSL certificates is an added service we offer that further boosts a site’s rating.

To find out more about our commitment to security please click here


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