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Syntropy Cloud offers an array of cloud-based products and services that work together to power your business. All are backed by the top-level security of our state-of-the-art data centers as well as our advanced technical expertise and support.

More About Us

Security is our key concern, and is an area where we have deep and comprehensive experience. We take expert care of the complex technology and security issues while you focus on your business. And we make it simple for you to access your private cloud with an easy-to-use Control Panel that lets you securely manage all your data and resources from anywhere, using just a web browser.

Our business revolves around our customers. In addition to providing state-of-the art technology – both hardware and software – we bring you decades of high-level expertise in advanced network engineering, systems administration and custom web servers and cloud solutions.

Advanced Cloud Expertise

Before the cloud became a buzzword, we were deploying advanced cloud solutions and providing hosting services to many market-leading companies and businesses of all sizes. We have successfully taken from start to finish some of the most innovative developments in the industry, from complex payment processing, security and integration projects to the visualization of entire data centers. We can successfully tackle any technical challenge your business might face.

Yes, We Are Extreme Geeks!

But we have built our reputation on providing a unique, personalized approach, one that recognizes the importance of the human factor (not always your typical geek strong suit) and the need for focused support from top-level developers, not junior people who are simply fielding phone calls.

For all these reasons, we are able to propose a syntropic vision for your business – one that tends toward higher and higher levels of order and dynamic harmony. This is what our team and our technology can achieve for you.

When You Choose Syntropy, You Have Access to the Combined Expertise of Two Companies, Under One Roof - Syntropy Cloud and Syntropy Software.

Syntropy Software develops web-based software applications and business solutions based on industry-leading, open source technologies. Our team has been building online software solutions since 1999. We possess a full gamut of software development and programming skills, in-depth knowledge of security solutions and an ability to take a forward-looking approach to your business.

Learn more about our sister company, Syntropy Software, and how we are able to leverage their expertise to meet your more advanced requirements.

A Commitment to Robust, Open-Source Technologies

Syntropy Cloud

Building custom cloud solutions is what we do best!

In the real world, no two websites or online software solutions are the same. Whether it is your corporate website, your corporate data infrastructure or a custom online business solution, there are many variables that come into play, making your situation unique.

Having said that, no matter what your situation, you will have traffic considerations to face, RAM and processor issues to contend with, security concerns and load balancing to consider, just to name a few. All of this in addition to typically having a hybrid mix of applications, all running in unison.

You are not alone! We have become experts at building decentralized solutions that scale infinitely and headache-free without worrying about back-ups and other considerations. Trying to build these solutions locally can be a nightmare, not to mention the ongoing difficulty of maintenance and complex security risks.

You deserve to rid yourself of all these headaches so you can concentrate on your business!

Below is an example of a typical base level system that enables your code base to be decentralized between NS1 and NS2 servers and keeping your database separate. Let's face it, your server will handle database calls one way and code another so it only makes sense to keep them isolated and separate. Keeping your database separate is also a major security advantage because we can configure your database to be accessible only to your code server by an encrypted key. This will prevent any possibility of your data being hacked into from the outside because it simply does not exist to the outside on a public IP and is strictly, privately accessible to your code base only. Another advantage of keeping your database separate is that it allows you to easily scale up and build a database cluster to respond seamlessly to serious demand when your requirements increase. When you become busier than ever, it will be difficult to scale up, but if you build it correctly to begin with, you can scale up quickly... sometimes within minutes.

Load balancing is a critical part of the equation that should not be overlooked. We build load balancers into all our custom solutions to be sure that traffic is evenly distributed. This evens out all data movement and traffic flow and prevents bottlenecks. Load balancing also re-directs traffic in the event that you need to do routine server upgrades on one server while your online applications remain live to the public in the meantime, keeping your business humming along.

Finally… backups? Forget about it! Never worry again about losing data. We are relentless about backups. We typically perform them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; however we can configure backups any way you wish. Many clients prefer every 3 hours, but we have some clients whose requirements include on-demand differential backups to ensure that nothing ever gets lost.

Our top-level SSD drives with RAID 10, blazing-fast CDN network and intense security measures ensure that your data is always in good hands, allowing you to focus on your business and do what you do best.


Syntropy Cloud
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